Medical Vaporizer

medical vaporizer

How to get the highest quality steam

Last month, we sat down with spray expert Mark McCoy, founder of VRIP Tech (a company based in Northern California, which produces more quality vaporizers on the planet) to see the benefits vaporization. This week, he shared his best tips on how to obtain the highest quality steam. And the high quality steam, it means most densely aromatic wider range of assets are inhaled more concentrated vapors and bio-active which are cooled and moisture conditioning.

1. Maintaining the correct temperature

There are at least 60 pharmacologically active compounds in cannabis, which are released at different temperatures. Aromatic terpenoids begin spraying first and at low temperature (»126 ° C), but more cannabidiol bio-active (CBD), cannabinol (CBN) and delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) does not vaporize until they reach temperatures significantly higher (206.3 ° C 212.7 ° C 149.3 ° C, respectively). Thus, in order to receive the benefits of all compounds of cannabis in the same inhalations, you must ensure that your vaporiser continues the high end of this range of temperature at the extraction point without exceeding and produce smoke components.

2. Use a spray that provides rapid onset of delivery

As we have explained, all components of medicinal cannabis have a wide range of temperatures. Thus, to get them in the same inhalation, you must extract as soon as possible. Using a vaporizer that provides delivery of a rapid onset of action by inhalation to deliver full spectrum aromatic and active at the same time. Not only will this provide you with the best quality of steam, but it will ask you to use a small amount of drug time.

3. Make the same extraction

Even mining is consistent with maintaining good temperatures and delivery rapid onset of action. Without even the extraction, there will be "hot spots" in medicine, meaning that you will not be able to achieve the ideal temperature and you will not receive a full spectrum inhalation. VripTech extraction performs well through the design of its bowl chamber, which uses a venturi effect sequential addition of heat to expedite a vortex of hot air through the grass and provide an extraction and even faster.

4. Minimize oxidation

Minimize oxidation during the collection phase and delivery of spray creates steam cooler and bioactive possible. Oxidation or the addition of oxygen to a compound with a loss of electron-turns Active constituents of steam in less active components, which means that the effects normally perceived and desired PHYSIOACTIF are modified or reduced to a minimum ( how a bunch of steam are ineffective described as "too heavy" for smokers). The venturi effect sequential heat input noted above used in conjunction with a water hose for delivery can effectively eliminate the oxidation in the bulk of the volume of vapor inhalation. It follows a better quality of steam being delivered and improving the taste and effects.

5. Run the steam through the water or ice

Even if steam is cleaner than smoke and contains fewer particles than smoke, most sprays to use a dry method of delivery. Heat and drought in the vapor can irritate the throat and bronchial tree. But running the steam through the water and / or ice past the state of moisture and cool before inhalation may reduce or eliminate the irritation of the respiratory tract upper and throat. This can be accomplished by spraying with a drug 'tool' based system such as VripTech of vaporization rod and heat of vaporization chamber bowl which works in conjunction with your existing water pipe / bong or a water spray tool. Even more bonus? This method compliments the ritual of smoking that most people are accustomed.

About the Author seeks to help patients with documented medical conditions, such as HIV/AIDScancer, chronic pain or any other ailment that is approved by their state of residence as a qualifying medical condition for cannabis, locate and book appointments with real doctors who are willing to recommend marijuana as a treatment for their ailments. We do not promote the casual or recreational use of marijuana or any other prescription medication. We condone only the use of marijuana as a medication for real ailments in accordance with state law, as we believe it is a proven treatment for many medical conditions.


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